Baby Rabbits In Glasses

A video showing four baby rabbits in drinking glasses is causing strong reactions, with some people raving about how cute it is and others claiming it’s cruel.

four baby rabbits in drinking glasses
Via ekdikisis/YouTube 
Some of the bunnies moved more than others; two were clearly sleepy.

Any way you look at it, baby rabbits are pretty darn cute. And some people try to find situations that make them even more adorable for photos and videos (although bunnies are cute no matter where they are). With so many props and setups already used in other photos and videos, a YouTube user named ekdikisis chose to place baby rabbits inside drinking glasses and line them up. The result is a video filled with bunny cuteness, but some people don’t think the drinking glasses were necessary. In fact, some people believe that putting the rabbits in the glasses was cruel. The description of the video addressed possible concerns along these lines by stating that the baby bunnies were unharmed and quite comfortable. Some viewers were unconvinced.

A YouTube used named “Jennifer H” left the following note in the video’s comment section: “This is animal abuse and will be reported as such! These poor bunnies are struggling to keep their heads up so they don’t suffocate. So cruel.”

But while there are some who worry about the welfare of the bunnies, many just comment on how cute it is or make a joke, including the following courtesy of Shmandalf:
“Fist (sic) cup: ‘I get it. It’s funny!’ 
Second Cup: ‘Where’s my paycheck?’ 
Third cup: ‘Am I a glass of milk yet?’ 
Fourth cup: ‘Derp.’”

And others backed up the assertion by ekdikisis that the bunnies were fine, such as the comment by John Gillick, an excerpt of which follows:

“While I can see why rabbit ignorant people would think some are distressed (or the second one is dead), I back up the assertion that your opinion is based in a lack of experience with baby rabbits. I’m not saying they would jump in a cup by choice, but at that age they don’t much care where they are as long as they’re warm. If they disliked the location they would first be covered in their own pee and second jumping to get out…”

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A quick look at other videos uploaded by ekdikisis and the Facebook and Instagram accounts of ekdikisis shows some pretty content bunnies. The Instagram account states that is documents ekdikisis’ life filled with buns who are cage free. In a video posted since the drinking glass one, the same four bunnies are featured sitting on a couch and waking up.

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