This Baby Could Not Be More Excited For Puppies To Jump All Over Him

It's a Pug puppy attack of the cutest kind, and Baby Louie could not be more psyched.

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Puppy time is the best time.
Chrissa Hardy

When you combine puppies and a happy baby, you really can’t go wrong.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by pugsnkisses84, a baby named Louie loses his mind in the giggliest way possible when two black Pug puppies climb and jump all over him while bathing him in lots of sloppy kisses.

The best therapy there is. Via YouTube

The best therapy there is. Via pugsnkisses84/YouTube

This is not a new experience for Baby Louie, as he is constantly surrounded by his sweet furry friends — all of which is documented on Instagram.

But that doesn’t stop this video from being just what everyone needs all the time.

Hey, Baby Louie, can we get some of that puppy lovin'?Via YouTube

Hey, Baby Louie, can we get some of that puppy lovin’? Via pugsnkisses84/YouTube

Whether it’s a case of the Mondays, the Monday-est Tuesday ever, Hump Day Blues, or the typical misery cloud that hangs over the remaining weekdays until the weekend arrives, Baby Louie and his adorable antics are the cure.

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