This Baby Cow Thinks He’s A Dog And It’s All Kinds Of Adorable

A baby calf named Goliath has been raised alongside dogs, and now he thinks he's one too!

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"What? Don't all cows have their own beds?" Via Goliath Hubbs/Twitter

A baby calf named Goliath seems to think he’s a dog, and it’s the cutest identity crisis you’ve ever seen.

As reported by ABC News, Goliath was taken in by a family in Danville, California, who live on a ranch. Goliath was living on a dairy farm and set to be slaughtered. When 17-year-old Shaylee Hubbs and her family first took Goliath in, he was weak and small. They have since nursed him back to health and even created his very own Twitter account for him.

Hubbs told ABC News, “I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s a dog. He was raised with our three dogs, and he’s around them every day. They chase and play together, he watches how they eat their dog food and drink water from their bowls and copies them and he even lays in their dog beds. He even loves scratches on his neck around his ear.”

Goliath is particularly tight bros with their Great Dane Leonidas, who is teaching him all sorts of bad habits — like getting into the house and climbing up on the couch.

The best part is that regardless of what kind of animal Goliath thinks he is, thanks to the Hubbs family, he is safe and loved. That’s all that matters.

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