Baby Copies Dog’s Tricks For A Treat

Dogs love treats. Humans do, too. Which is why this baby is copying dog tricks.

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The baby would like a treat too, please!

The things dogs are willing to for treats is always impressive. They learn how to dance, they play dead, they act like humans – it’s amazing.

But what’s even more amazing is what a baby will do for a dog treat. That’s right. In a video uploaded to YouTube by Kyoot Animals, a family dog does an adorable twirl for a treat, and the baby does it, too!

Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

Oh the cuteness… Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

The baby giggles, and mimics the twirl, and keeps the same pace as the dog.

Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

And one more spin, you two. Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

What’s even cuter, is that the dog and the baby are roughly the same size, so it almost looks like a choreographed routine.

The dog certainly deserved the treat at the end, but I wonder… what did the baby get?

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