Baby Capybaras Bring Lighthearted Moments To The San Diego Zoo

Four baby capybaras born at the San Diego Zoo needed to go in for their first vet checkup, and cameras captured the hijinks that ensued.

four baby capybaras running
Via San Diego Zoo/YouTube 
Here they come; stampeding into your heart!

Fans of guinea pigs — and any fan of cuteness — have something new to smile about. The San Diego Zoo welcomed four baby capybaras last month. Capybaras are the largest rodent in the world, and look a little bit like guinea pigs on taller legs.  They are a distant relative to guinea pigs, but adults typically weigh in around 100 pounds.

This video, posted on YouTube on August 14, shows zoo employees capturing the four babies so zoo veterinarians could examine them. Although only a few days old, the four babies gave a merry chase before being captured. One moment of “you can’t catch me” action was captured on a Vine video posted by the zoo. Those are really impressive moves for animals that are semi-aquatic and a bit bumbling on land.


Capybaras are born fully furred with eyes open and can walk and eat grass soon after birth, but they still need mother’s milk. Capybaras have a life span of about 7 to 10 years. 

No names are mentioned for the four babies, but the mother is Buttercup and the father is Wesley. Rather fitting, because capybaras are rodents of unusual size, which is a phrase made famous in the movie “The Princess Bride,” whose main characters were Princess Buttercup and Wesley, a farm boy. Of course, the rodents of unusual size in the movie were nothing like these cute capybaras!

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