Baby And His Bunnies Are Too Cute For Words (But We’re Going To Write Some About Them Anyway)

Finn and his rabbit friends are winning at Instagram.

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There's little more adorable than a baby and his bunny. Via livesweetphotography/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Sometimes you see something — be it shoes, that guy who just walked past you or a stranger’s dog — and you can’t help thinking about how cute it is, so much so, that when you try to describe it to your best girlfriends, no words come to mind.

That’s how we feel about baby Finn and his bunny buddies. Just look at their Instagram account (@livesweetphotography). These beings are so adorable that not many words come to mind besides “cute,” “darling,” and “adorable” (oops, we already used that one) — but we’re going to try to come up with more anyway.

1. Mum’s The Word

Shh, they’re sleeping.

2. Twist Your Words

“One way or another, I will look at the camera.”

3. A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

This one’s no exception.

4. Utter A Word

We’re pretty sure Finn is telling his bunny friend a secret.

5. Say The Word

That word, of course, is “nap.” And a cute one at that.

6. The Magic Word

We’re guessing it starts with a ‘B.’

7. The Last Word

We’re pretty sure Finn and his bunny friends will inspire more words.

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