Baby African Grey Stolen From Southern California Bird Store

Zephyr, a six-month-old African grey, was still being hand-fed, and the employees from Omar's Exotic Birds are asking for any leads on bringing the baby back.

Last Saturday, a six-month-old African grey was stolen from Omar? Exotic Birds in Brea, Calif. The police is asking for any leads or tips in the case, and not just to recover stolen property: The bird, named Zephyr, as it? still being hand-fed when the thieves stole it, and could die without its feeding.

At Omar? Exotic Birds, young parrots are put out on hanging play stands where they can interact with customers and get socialized. This seems to be something the thieves took advantage of, as seen on the surveillance video. One of the thieves had the bird on his arm, and it looks like his partner caused some sort of distraction so they could leave. “Before I knew it, there was a commotion over by the counter and they just swooped out the door with the bird in their hands,” Connor Chubbuck, manager of Omar’s Exotic Birds, told KABC-TV Los Angeles.

Both the store and Zephyr? owners are worried about the bird, according to the O.C. Register. Once Zephyr had learned to eat on its own, his new family would have taken it home. Zephyr seemed like a sweet bird too; according to the O.C. Register, the bird made “kissing noises when confronted up close.?lt;/span>

Anyone with information on possible suspects or where Zephyr could be is encouraged to contact the Brea Police Department.

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