Ay Chihuahua!

This spicy, spirited breed bonds for life.

As the resident princess in Kyle P.’s Texas home, Twister would never dream of jumping down from the bed. Instead, the 10-year-old waits for one of her well-trained subjects to place her on the floor, then runs to the living room couch and waits for another boost. “That’s her throne in there,” says Kyle, a professional dog show handler and president of the Chihuahua Club of America.

But this aptly-named Chihuahua also possesses a rather unprincess-like tough side, which occasionally emerged as she pranced around the show ring to win her championship title in the puppy class.


“Though she was great with judges, handlers, and other Chihuahuas, if a big dog came near, Twister became a whirling dervish. We couldn’t keep her four feet on the ground,” Kyle says. “She acted like, ‘This is my show ground, and you better get off of it!’”


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