‘Awwdorable’ Dogs Fill New Book

A photographer captures the individuality and personality of 101 breeds.

Dogs: 101Every dog is unique. Sweet and sensitive or eager and energetic, every dog has its own personality. In the new book, “Dogs: 101 adorable breeds,” photographer Rachel Hale captures the spirit some of the most popular breeds in beautiful, intimate portraits.

From the Afghan Hound to the Yorkshire Terrier, this collection of photographs introduces you to a variety of dogs big and small, common and unusual.

The book showcases breeds from many groups: Hound, Herding, Working, Sporting, Non-Sporting, Terrier, Toy, and Miscellaneous. In beautiful black-and-whites and vibrant color images, the series of images captures each breed’s essence. A playful Puli makes you laugh, while an elegant English Setter makes you admire his beauty.

The dogs exhibit a range of personalities, unique to the breed and each dog. Especially notable are the expressive eyes of the subjects, a difficult task for any animal photographer, but one that Hale accomplishes remarkably well.

The book is also informative: Each portrait is accompanied by a descriptive brief containing information on the breed’s history, appearance, and coloring.

Any dog lover will enjoy each page of this book. Every image reminds you of just why you adore dogs so much, and may make you fall in love with a few more.
Dogs: 101 Adorable Breeds,” by Rachel Hale, is on sale now.

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