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A chill is in the air, and it’s time to think about ways to keep our birds warm during the coming winter. Lower humidity results in parched sinuses and an increase in bird dander and dust. With fuel prices in flux, economical and effective cool-weather bird care is of great concern to all of us.

Warm &Cozy
My birds live in a glass-paneled sunroom with southern exposure. The room is toasty and warm on even the coldest sunny days thanks to the power of the sun. Although it is heated, the room is never quite warm enough on frigid winter nights. For a time, I moved my birds into sleeping cages in a warmer room, but that process quickly became too unwieldy. AviTemp Heat Panels are a simple, economical and effective way to provide gentle warmth for your birds without heating your entire house.

These heat panels have seen my birds through the past 10 winters. Even my African grey, Bert, who is always averse to new items in his environment, adjusted quickly to the presence of the panel near his cage.

Wall-mount brackets are provided with the panels, and I’d advise this option if your bird is permitted to climb around on the outside of its cage. This will keep your pet away from the power cord.

Care & Maintenance
The AviTemp Heat Panel is easy to use. Just mount it to the cage or wall, and plug it in. Concentrate the heat on cold days and nights by partially covering the cage, but do not allow the cover to obstruct the front (heated side) of the panel in any way. I plug in my panels in November and unplug them in the spring, when the weather warms. A companion thermostat is available and essential when using the heat panels for baby birds.

Cleaning is easy, as well. You can wipe the panels with soap and water or with a disinfectant. Heavily-soiled panels (covered in flung fruit or projectile poop!) can actually be immersed in water and gently scrubbed. 

Contact: AviTech Exotic Birds, 800-646-BIRD; www.avitec.com

Purpose Of AviTemp Heat Panels
Provide heat to cage without heating surrounding area

Sizes For AviTemp Heat Panels
11-inch by 11-inch
11-inch by 16-inch
11-inch by 30-inch
11-inch by 40-inch

35 watts to 130 watts, depending on size of unit

Accessories For AviTemp Heat Panels

  • Free wall-mount brackets included
  • Standard cage mount kit free with panel order for limited time
  • Optional extended mount kit (keeps unit a little further from cage bars)
  • Optional thermostat

$69.99 to $139.99, plus shipping


  • Provides gentle, even heat
  • Excellent source of winter warmth for all birds
  • Lightweight, unobtrusive
  • User-friendly
  • Economical energy use
  • Portable
  • No fumes or exposed heating elements
  • Back of panel stays cool
  • Supplementary heat for baby birds or sick birds
  • Easy to clean and disinfect. The panel can be immersed in water
  • Does not emit light, so birds can sleep at night
  • Friendly, expert advice from company personnel
  • Made in USA


  • Front panel might darken slightly with constant use
  • Keep birds away from power cord
  • Never obstruct the front (heated side) of panel with cage covers, acrylic panels or other items. Clip covers securely to cages so they do not slip in front of panels
  • Never put panels face down on a table or other surface
  • Leave the side of the cage with heat panel partially uncovered to avoid overheating • Do not cover the cage tightly
  • Leave room at the bottom for some air flow
  • Position panel and perches so that birds can move toward or away from heat
  • Always install heat panel outside the cage
  • Mount panel on the wall instead of on the cage to avoid chewing by large birds that might be able to reach it between cage bars
  • Remove brackets from the cage when the panel is removed for the summer season
  • Call or email AviTech for specific advice
  • Always read and follow instructions that come with bird products


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