Average Number Of Eggs In African Grey Parrot Clutch

A normal clutch of African grey parrot eggs is three.

Q:  How many eggs do African greys normally lay? My grey only laid one egg, was protective of it and then seemed to lose interest. The next day I found the egg had been pushed out of the cage and onto the floor of my house. Is this normal behavior?

Jean Pattison explains the size of a normal African grey clutchJean Pattison, also known as “The African Queen,” explains:

A normal clutch size for an African grey parrot is three eggs. Some lay only one or even five, but the average is three eggs. Pet African greys sometimes lay an egg or a whole clutch. If the eggs are not fertile, or if this is the birds first time egg laying, it might lose interest. Some African grey hens will want to sit on the eggs for the full term. These are normal behaviors for pet African grey parrots. One thing I recommend with pet African grey parrots is to not give them toys that resemble eggs, or allow them to break and eat parts of a hard boiled egg. If, in the event a pet African grey goes into a breeding situation (whatever the reason), it must not have learned that eggs are to be played with.


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