Avast Marine Works Ships Top-Down Porthole, Smartphone Edition

Device enables you to shoot photographs with your smart phone from the tank surface.

Avast Marine Works has built a device that enables you to take photos of your aquarium fish and corals from the top down, with your iPhone or other similar device. Called the Top-Down Porthole, Smartphone Edition, the device features a latch where you attach your iPhone or other smart phone and a porthole, which you use to align the phone’s lens to. You can then float the device on the water’s surface and take photographs, eliminating the ripples that are often on the surface as well as the light reflections from the flash.

According to the company, the Top-Down Porthole, Smartphone Edition is made of acrylic and nylon; white acrylic on top to minimize light glare and reflections and a smoked acrylic body that minimizes the amount of light that comes through. A black knob is used to move the porthole to help frame your shots, and the bar that holds the smart phone in place is covered in felt to help prevent scratches to the phone’s surface.
It ships June 24 and is priced at $59.99. For more information, visit Avast Marine Works.

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