Autumn Cat Slang

Brisky business, Snuggle-a-latte, S.A.D. ... cats have all kinds of things to say about the chillier days of fall.


According to the calendar, fall hasn’t officially arrived, but the presence of Halloween candy on Target’s shelves and pumpkin-spice-flavored everything tells us autumn is most certainly upon us.

Cats have opinions about everything, including seasons, so it makes sense there would be an entire list of fall-tastic cat slang terms, right? My feline informant thinks so, and brought me a fine selection of top-secret Fanglish goodies this week. I love that he gives us a weekly peek into the underground world of cat lingo, and he loves that I reward him with kitty treats. This week he asked for double the treats because chillier weather means he needs to build a protective layer for additional warmth. I gave in because where else am I going to gather these cat slang terms? My cats surely aren’t talking.

So without further ado, here’s a slice of Fanglish for you. The slice isn’t for sharing, though – so just don’t. The larger the circle of knowledge, the better chance our cats will know we have a leg up on their little secrets. I guess you can say that by continuing to read this post, you’re kind of signing a confidentiality agreement.

Here you go: this week’s kitty slang, fall-flavored just for you.

The additional snuggling that comes with cooler weather and the extra consumption of warm beverages.

Simon saw The Lady enjoying pumpkin spice coffee drinks and was ready to snuggle-a-latté.

S.A.D. (Seasonal Atrocious Deprivation)
The time in autumn when humans turn the clocks back and a cat’s inner mealtime clock is completely thrown off, resulting in the feeling of certain starvation.

The Lady’s complete disregard for S.A.D. made Mr. Gingerbread want to hack a hairball on her fancy new purse.

Hell’s Bells
The alarming, repetitive doorbell on Halloween night.

Even though Maxwell spent Halloween night in The Lady’s bedroom, he was still irritated by the Hell’s Bells.

Registered user
A cat who seeks warmth by flattening himself against a heat register.

Bean saw The Man turn on the heat and decided it was time to become a registered user.

Cover girl
A female cat who cuddles under the covers on chilly days.

After The Lady went to work, Cinnamon Toast spent the rest of the day as a cover girl.

Color guard
A cat watching colorful colorful leaves falling from autumn trees.

Oreo, a vigilant color guard, enjoyed the maple and oak trees in his backyard.

Coat hook
The attraction of a coat or jacket lying on the floor or on a piece of furniture.

The Man’s new windbreaker on the bed was the perfect coat hook for Mitzy.

A cat sleeping on top of one or more slippers.

The Lady wanted to wear her fuzzy slippers, but Marshmallow was a total slipcover.

Brisky business
Cool air blowing through a window.

Porckchop enjoyed the brisky business on the windowsill.

That’s it for now. Come back next week for another Fanglish lesson! Until then, remember: confidentialty agreement.

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