Autistic Child Bursts Into Tears During Reunion With His Cat

Nine-year-old Austen was overcome with joy when his missing cat, Autumn, came home.

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Austen and Autumn had an emotional reunion.
Cari Jorgensen

It’s a difficult thing when your cat goes missing, especially for a child who felt as though that cat was his best friend.

Austen, a 9-year-old boy who was diagnosed with autism and ADHD, was best friends with Autumn, his cat. The family acquired Autumn after Austen’s mother, Angela Davis, found her in a box outside of the veterinary clinic she worked at at the time, Love Meow reports. Soon after, Austen and Autumn became inseparable.

“She would let him carry her around and love her,” Davis told Love Meow. “No matter what his mood was Autumn always puts up with him. She has also been a great help in showing him how to treat animals. She lets him know when enough is enough, but would never hurt him. With his autism Austen can be very particular with his things and Autumn is his. He absolutely loves cats and she is special to him.”

With a bond that strong, Austen was devastated when Autumn went missing.

“[Austen] cried himself to sleep, and spent several days just crying off and on for her. He also became physically sick and missed the whole week of school,” Davis told Love Meow.

Davis searched for two days, but to no avail.

“I was getting desperate,” Davis continued. “I was worried that he would start withdrawing into himself. He was heartbroken over her being gone. He kept asking when she was going to come home or would cry because it was his cat that was missing.”

Luckily, after posting fliers and following a tip to leave her garage door open with the cat’s blanket and food bowls inside, Davis heard meowing outside while Austen was at school. It was Autumn.

Davis couldn’t wait to reunite the best friends.

Austen burst into tears when he reunited with Autumn. Davis told Love Meow that Austen is very happy to have Autumn back home, that her presence makes him feel better. And based on the video of their reunion, posted to YouTube by Love Meow, she’s absolutely right.

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