Autistic Boy Reunited With Therapy Dog Who Mysteriously Disappeared

Rambo, a deaf Great Dane, seems to have been returned by whoever took him.

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Rambo and Conner are together again, thank goodness. Via WTVR CBS 6/Twitter

Conner Acton had spent almost a week praying that his beloved dog, Rambo, would come home. The deaf Harlequin Great Dane had disappeared from the boy’s Hanover County, Virginia, front yard, last Friday afternoon.

Conner’s parents suspected the dog had been stolen — and whoever stole the dog took more than just the family pet. Rambo is Conner’s autism therapy dog, and also his very best friend.

“It was rough […] he didn’t want to go to school, he didn’t want to get on the bus,” Conner’s mother, Christie Brennan Acton, told WTVR. “He thinks Rambo is here to protect him, so without him here he’s pretty scared.”

Maybe the real Batman could track down whoever might've taken Rambo. Via WTVR CBS6/Twitter

Maybe the real Batman could track down whoever might’ve taken Rambo. Via WTVR CBS6/Twitter

But on the day before Conner’s eighth birthday, the family got the best possible surprise. When Christie got up to let the family’s other dog out early on Wednesday morning, she heard scratching at the door, WTVR reports. Confused, she looked out the window and saw Rambo outside waiting for her.

And although Christie was obviously delighted to have Rambo back — especially for Conner’s sake — she still believes someone stole the dog. When Bo, as he’s called for short, made it home, he wasn’t cold, wasn’t dirty and his collar had been removed and put back on.

But those concerns were forgotten, at least temporarily, when Conner was reunited with his best friend.

“[Conner] just fell to his knees, wrapped his arms around him and started crying,” she told WTVR.

Christie described it as “a miracle,” and it’s hard to disagree.

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