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A lifelong cat owner, Stacy N. Hackett writes frequently about cats, cat breeds and a range of pet-related topics. A big source of inspiration for her writing comes from her two cats: Jack, a 6-year-old red tabby domestic shorthair, and Phillip, a 2-year-old gray and white domestic shorthair. Both cats were adopted from local pet store adoption day events, and both bring a lot of personality and even more companionship and love to a household that also contains two teenagers and a tank of freshwater fish. Stacy also is “stepmom” to a wonderful Cocker Spaniel/Labrador Retriever mix named Maggie, as well as two brown tabby domestic shorthairs named Katie and Leroy.

A member of the Cat Writers’ Association and a recipient of several CWA Certificates of Excellence, Stacy has nearly 25 years’ experience in the pet industry. Her articles have appeared in CAT FANCY, Cats USA, Kittens 101, Ferrets USA, Critters USA, Rabbits USA, Bird Talk, Ponds USA and Pet Product News, among other pet magazines. She is the former editor of Pet Product News and the founding editor of Cats USA magazines, and she's helped produce many issues of CAT FANCY.


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