Author Adds to ‘Dog Lover’s Mystery’ Series

Susan Conant’s latest book features a dog trainer caught in a case of mistaken identity.

If book writing was like golf, mystery writer Susan Conant would have just finished an entire round. “All Shots” is Conant’s latest addition to her “Dog Lover’s Mystery” series, making 18 in all – so far.

In this installment, Alaskan Malamute trainer Holly Winter becomes entangled in a bizarre case of mistaken identity and crooked dog dealing. When she goes looking for a missing Siberian Husky, Holly instead discovers the gunned-down body of a woman calling herself Holly Winter.

When Holly finds the missing Husky, she is shocked to see her own name and phone number on the dog’s tag. Even more suspicious, however, are the personal papers she found on the body of the deceased woman belonging to herself and yet another Holly Winter.

But this other Holly is very much alive – and just happens to be a dog-hating academic. They have nothing in common, but the two must work together to get out of this deadly web.

“All Shots” is on sale now.

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