Australia’s ‘Property Pooch’ Takes Real Estate Market By Storm

The pint-size "model" is helping her realtor owner sell pet-friendly homes to prospective buyers.

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Another home sold thanks to Tiffany The Pink Property Pooch! Via ThePinkTeamatRemax/YouTube

If you live down under and you’re looking for a pet-friendly home, one dog just might help you find the perfect place.

Meet Queensland, Australia, real estate agent Tracey Ashley and her “assistant” Tiffany “The Pink Property Pooch.” Tiffany stars in Ashley’s real estate photos and, with her canine charm, helps her owner sell pet-friendly properties in South-East Brisbane.

“Tiffany knows when it’s time to go to work,” Ashley told Australia’s “She loves being in front of the camera.”

It was about two years ago when Ashley noticed how difficult it can be for pet owners to locate pet-friendly homes. So she put her Shih Tzu/Cavalier mix in some advertisements and promotional shots and interested parties bit… figuratively that is.

Who wouldn't want to buy this dog-friendly home? Via YouTube

Who wouldn’t want to buy this dog-friendly home? Via ThePinkTeamatRemax/YouTube

Since then, reports the pair have become one of Australia’s most unique property partnerships. And Tiffany is said to be a natural in front of the camera.

The 5-year-old pup is photographed in a variety of ways — often times dressed in a cute collection of clothing, striking a pose and/or inconspicuously placed in home “scenes” in real estate listings that resemble a “Where’s Wally?” book (the Aussie equivalent of “Where’s Waldo”).

“We get her to dress in the appropriate way to represent the property,” Ashley told the real estate news and information website. “If it’s an exclusive-type home, then we’d dress her up like a princess, that sort of thing.

PropertyPooch 5

Tiffany has the right pitch to sell homes for her owner, Tracey Ashley. Via ThePinkTeamatRemax/YouTube

“It really makes people’s day and they get a good laugh out of it,” she added.

Tiffany reportedly loves the attention and often accompanies Ashley to open houses to meet with potential buyers. The team said it has received positive feedback — even from those not in the home-buying market. But, occasionally dogs will be dogs.

“One time she nearly ate a client’s dinner that was left out,” Ashley said. “Another time, when we first started bringing her into homes, we were feeding her a lot of treats, she had diarrhea in the backyard.”

Where's Tiffany?! Via YouTube

Where’s Tiffany?! Via ThePinkTeamatRemax/YouTube

The adorable pup now has her own Facebook and Instagram accounts where she lists properties and interacts with fans. So if you’re in the market for an Aussie abode that is great for pets, Tiffany the Pink Property Pooch just may have your future pad.

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