Aussie Postman Gives Fake Letters To Dog To Keep Her Happy

The Brisbane-based letter carrier has improvised with custom mail just for Pippa.

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Australian letter carrier Martin Studer is friends with several dogs on his route, including Pippa, who loves getting letters. Via Martin Studer/Facebook
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Martin Studer, an Australian letter carrier in Brisbane, Queensland, has been delivering mail for about four years now. And during that time, he has made friends with quite a few dogs on his route. One of those dogs, a Golden Retriever named Pippa, enjoys Studer’s daily interactions because he usually has mail that Pippa happily takes from the letter carrier.

But the mailman doesn’t always have letters for Pippa, so, rather than see Pippa become sad that no mail is available, Studer decided to take it upon himself to create custom mail designed especially for Pippa.

“Sometimes, Pippa comes out for the daily delivery but there’s no mail for her to collect,” Studer said in a post to his Facebook page. “So I have to improvise.”

Special delivery for one Pippa the Golden Retriever. Via Martin Studer/Facebook

Special delivery for one Pippa the Golden Retriever. Via Martin Studer/Facebook

The mail itself was just a simple envelope addressed to Pippa. The two hearts Studer drew on the envelope, however, said more than his simple sentences. Studer really loves to make dogs happy, even if they are not his own.

Someone looks happy. Via Martin Studer/Facebook

Someone looks happy. Via Martin Studer/Facebook

The photo on Studer’s Facebook page, showing the custom letter and the photos of Pippa, has been shared close to 5,000 times since Studer posted it to the social media site last week. It has gone around the world, with many folks thanking Studer for being a great friend to Pippa and the other dogs on his route.

Three cheers to Studer for making sure Pippa gets her special delivery.

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