Audubon’s Updated App Now Features A Complete Field Guide To North American Birds

The Audubon Birds Pro app also features an 821-species checklist from the American Ornithologists Union.

Audubon App 
Courtesy Audubon website

The National Audubon Society has released an updated Audubon Birds Pro mobile app. The app includes an 821-species checklist from the American Ornithologists Union (AOU) and now has a complete field guide to North American birds.

With the Audubon Bird Guide, according to Audobon, you can:

  • Identify 821 species with in-depth descriptions including information on appearance, habitat, behavior and more.
  • Explore a gallery of more than 3,200 images from the world-renown VIREO, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University? world-wide collection of bird photography.
  • Listen to up to eight hours of bird calls, differentiated by region and season.
  • Access robust seasonal and migratory range maps.
  • Browse species in a gallery view and filter by shape, region and color, aiding quick identification.
  • Use “Find Birds with eBird?to locate birds seen recently in the vicinity, drawing on the continuously updated database from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and eBird.
  • Post, keep lists and share sightings with friends and followers with Audubon NatureShare? easy and user-friendly interface.

To learn more about how to use this complete and free digital bird guide, please visit Find the app on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

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