Audubon Writer IDs Birds Of Star Wars & It’s Awesome

Plus, perhaps one of those birds has a little parrot in it?

Nicholas Lund recently did an article over at Audubon called, “A Field Guide to the Birds of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.?He also included this catchy subtitle (or deck, as we call it in the biz) “Yes, there are birds in the latest movie, and yes, I IDed them.?As someone who is all for more birds in media and a Star Wars nerd, I was thrilled about this article.

Some spoilers for the movie below as well as in the article.

Lund goes over each bird seen in the movie, though his comments on the scavenger bird seen on the planet Jakku had me thinking. As he writes:

“As Rey zooms across the desert on her speeder bike, a vulture appears (at first it? in the foreground but it disappears as the camera moves from left to right). Yup, a huge-beaked, bare-necked, ragged-looking vulture. 

It? only on screen for a second or two, and correct me if I? wrong, but the bird appears to be just slamming its beak against a big hunk of metallic space junk. I was better prepared for this scene the second time around, so I tried to see if it was supposed to be eating something, but really it looked like it was just smashing itself against the metal. Odd behavior if you ask me, but nonetheless, great cameo by what I? calling the Jakku Scavenge Vulture.?lt;/span> 

While I?e never heard of beak-banging in a vulture, everyone who owns a parrot knows that that is one of their favorite past times. A number of cockatiels do it, as well as cockatoos, and some of the Poicephalus parrots. Why? Well as Jean Pattison writes in her article “Poicephalus Parrot Behavior:”

“Beak tapping is also a behavior more common in brown-necked parrots and Jardine? parrots. They will very rapidly bang or hit their perch or other hard surface with the side of the beak. I have seen this used to get attention and also to serve as a warning.?lt;/span>

So perhaps, Jakku Scavenger Vulture has a little parrot in it? All things could be possible in the Star Wars universe!

Going forward, we? definitely need to see a parrot-like creature in the Star Wars film. Quick, someone contact Disney and beg them to include it.

In the meantime, check out the entire article over at Audubon here. It? good stuff.

What did you think of the birds of Star Wars? Let us know in the comments!  

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