Attack Of The Tiny Hamster

The Tiny Hamster is back, but this time he’s a monster terrorizing the city!

Just when we thought we were safe from green monster hamsters…

Help! The city is under attack! The adorable Tiny Hamster has turned into a building-eating, immensely frightening, green lizard-like monster! What will the citizens of this town do?

Everyone is running for the hills and heading to other towns, perhaps heading straight to safety at the bunny café. The folks at HelloDenizen have documented Tiny Hamster’s transformation. They’re lucky he didn’t notice and attack them! While no one knows just yet what was in the Evil Green Ooze the hamster ingested (though HelloDenizen assures it was safe, even though he turned into a Godzilla-like monster), but whatever it was the result has been devastating to this city. Even though the Tiny Hamster is still super cute and we all love watching him.

Chances are the answers to this transformation will be found in the new book, Tiny Hamster Is a Giant Monster, now available from Simon & Schuster.

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