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I was amazed to learn from the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association that nearly 3 million cats travel with their owners on vacations every year. While the APPMA says this is only 3 percent of the total U.S. feline population, it’s still, nevertheless, a lot of cats included in the family vacation photo album.

My cats are jet-setters. In fact, they’ve flown internationally and even got to check in to the KLM Cargo Animal Hotel at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Admittedly, it was no family vacation. We were moving from Cape Town, South Africa, to our new home in Los Angeles. In retrospect, I wish I photographed their travels like I did for us, but I was busy worrying about what airline to book for travelers with four paws and a tail and fretting about their safety and security; I never considered being a shutterbug, too.

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