Ask Dog Fancy

Do you have questions about your dog’s training and behavior? Ask Dog Fancy contributing trainer September B. Morn. Send us your question.

Make sure to include your full name, mailing address with city, state, and zip code, and telephone number.

Ms. Morn has been training dogs for 36 years. She answers training and  behavior related questions. If your dog has bitten someone or you fear your dog, contact a trainer or behaviorist immediately.

Submission of questions does not guarantee a response. Ms. Morn can respond only to published letters. To read Ms. Morn’s answers to your questions and those of other dog owners who share your concerns, check out the next issue of Dog Fancy. Subscribe

Submissions are for Dog Fancy magazine and will not appear online. Only published letters will be answered. To be considered for publication, your question or comment must include your full name and address.

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