As A Crow Flies For Fries

The other day I was bringing home some takeout for the family. While getting out of the car, a french fry fell out and landed on the driveway. My hands were too full to pick it up (for the trash, not consumption!), so there it stayed. As I fumbled to get my house keys ready, I noticed a crow hop down from a nearby branch and onto the driveway, basically eyeing this fallen fry. I was about 10 feet away and I got the sense that this crow was seizing me up; how to get past me and to that golden fry? I dropped the food off inside my house and stepped back onto the front porch. Mr. Crow causally walked past me, as if saying, “Just passing through” and then he made a grab for the fry as soon as it was in reach, then he was back on the tree branch, trying to balance the fry on it as he jabbed at with his beak. His two friends noticed and flew over to see what he had. Now I’ve fed pigeons and ducks before, but never crows. This was kind of fun. I went back in the house and grabbed another fry (to my son’s protest, “That’s my French fry!”) and, tossed part of it on the driveway, halfway between me and the tree. Down flies one crow and then another. Soon they are squabbling over this piece of french fry (sound familiar with your own flock?)

Crows, I suppose, are like parrots, especially Amazons … opportunists when it comes to scoring food. My Amazon often came down from his playgym to get a closer look at whatever I was eating, and he would often help himself to it. Sometimes he would literally walk off with it; like the time he took off with my entire sandwich and attempted to drag it up to his playgym perch … wish I caught that on video. Not sure if crows are picky eaters, as some parrots can be. I’d be curious to see if they’d go near me for a carrot weenie, or are french fries simply worth risking “life and limb”?

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