Artists Turn Ordinary Cat Into A Skateboarder, Donald Trump And More

There are no limits to the things the Internet (and boredom) can achieve, especially when a cat is involved.

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These cat doodles only get crazier. Via BoredPanda

In the classic flick “A Christmas Story,” Ralphie gets in huge trouble for saying one particular four-letter word, the worst possible dirty word that could come out of a 9-year-old’s mouth.

“[My dad] worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay,” Ralphie narrated, attempting to explain where he’d heard that word. “It was his true medium.”

The Internet’s true medium (other than profanity) has to be cats. It collectively does incredible things for and with that particular four-legged animal, turning ordinary felines into phenoms, starting memes, trends and inspiring real art. Or as real as art gets when it’s based around the same picture of a contented-looking orange cat.

A Weibo user named Luo Luobu took this unremarkable looking image of a cat, the origins of which are unclear, and decided that it made the perfect canvas for some line drawings, the kind that transformed the cat into an eager reader, a diver or a supermodel, My Modern Met reports.

This cat has no idea how many adventures it's in store for. Via Bored Panda

This cat has no idea how many adventures it’s in store for. Via Bored Panda

Then a user at Bored Panda re-posted the original picture and invited any other artist with free time and an imagination to submit their own versions.

Here are eight of our favorites. If we were more artistic ourselves, we’d probably use all kinds of perfect profanity to describe them.

1. And you thought cats hated water.

2. Since when do you have a library card? Or a vendetta?

3. “Yes, I’m ready for my close-up. I’ve been ready for my close-up.”

4. Forgive us if we stick to side dishes this year.

5. This would actually be an improvement.

6. Whatever you do, do NOT turn around. #catsvscucumbers

7. Your move, Tony Hawk.

8. Spider-cat, Spider-cat. Does whatever a Spider-cat does.

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