Artists Create Miniature Town For Web Series With Pet Hamsters

Forget it, Jake. It's Hamster Town.

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The "Hungry Hungry Hamsters!" web series follows a family of hamsters as they eat their way through life. Via Leavingstone/Vimeo
John Virata

“Hungry Hungry Hamsters!” is a web series created by Georgian artists that detail the lives of a family of hamsters as they go about their day-to-day lives. The artists, along with QuBitz, a small studio in Tbilisi, Georgia, went above and beyond in creating the sets for the series, of which there are currently nine available to watch on Vimeo.

They worked diligently to craft the hyper-realistic sets, working 1,984 hours to construct every little detail on the set. They say there are 1,325 tiny details within.

The props, or rather, the works of art, created for each scene were painstakingly built by hand, and the level of detail is superb.

From rooftop tiles and TV antennas, to the brick road and sidewalks, the QuBitz artists left no detail behind as they worked to create the perfect little town for “Hungry Hungry Hamsters!”

The attention to detail on the miniature set is stunning. Via Leavingstone/Vimeo

The web series can be seen on Vimeo. Watch the family of hamsters here.

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