Artistic Bunny Creates, Sells Colorful Paintings

Bini the Bunny is showcasing his skills on Facebook.

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Bini the Bunny paints "Rain of Fire."
Cari Jorgensen

Bini the Bunny is a 4-year-old Holland Lop rabbit. He may appear to be an average bunny, but this guy does tricks. He can play basketball and comb and style his hair, according to his Facebook description. However, those aren’t the tricks that get people talking. Bini is also an artist.

The bunny became an artist by accident, after his owner, Shai Asor, left out some art supplies.

Just made a special painting for one of my dear fans, if you want one for yourself check out my online store

Posted by Bini the Bunny on Sunday, February 28, 2016

Asor wrote in the rabbit’s Facebook bio, “Bini has a tendency to get into whatever I leave around on the table – this time it happened to be some magic markers. While I was [at] work he picked up various colored markers from my desk, dropped them on the floor and started to drag them around all over the floor tiles – making a huge mess on the floor as well as in his fur! I admit I was angry when I first came home, and was careful to put the markers back in their drawer so he wouldn’t get into them again. Thanks to my forgetfulness with putting things away, it happened again.”

Asor wrote that rather than stop the bunny from being artistic, he decided to further develop Bini’s talent.

New profile pic for 2016!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Bini the Bunny on Saturday, January 2, 2016

“I started to buy big rolls of paper and let Bini go to town,” Asor wrote on Facebook. “As time went on, I replaced the markers with paint brushes, and rolls of paper with canvases.”

Now, Bini’s paintings are available for sale. According to the Facebook description, there’s quite the demand for them.

Would you buy one of Bini’s paintings?

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