Artist Takes On Pet Resort Project

Muralist Curtis Stokes transforms a California pet resort into a paradise for dogs.

L.A.-based artist Curtis Stokes’ latest project is going to the dogs – literally. Stokes, 32, is putting the final touches on a mural masterpiece he’s created for the Laguna Hills Animal Hospital’s Pet Resort in Laguna Woods, Calif., to help evoke a more serene environment for the resort’s furry patrons.

Stokes, whose work has been featured on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and FOX’s “Renovate My Family,” has been setting trends in home décor with his beautifully executed murals.

“I like working on a bigger scale,” Stokes says. “With murals you’re able to put yourself inside of the artwork.”

The artist and dog lover – he’s the proud owner of a 12-year-old Dalmatian named Serena – was first approached by the folks from the Laguna Hills Pet Resort at a home show in Orange County, Calif. The animal resort proprietors were so stoked on Stokes’ work that they immediately asked him to take on this pet project.

The resort, which houses spacious, indoor rooms for dogs whose owners are on vacation, offers the ultimate in pet pampering: comfortable fleece bedding, fresh water, TVs, and aromatherapy-infused rooms.

Stokes was responsible for painting each of these luxury pet suites with a mural that followed the theme “Where dogs love to go on vacation.” Some of the murals depicted dogs at the beach, campfire canines and a fire hydrant-filled field. Some murals measured up to nearly 30 feet.

The suite murals took about seven days to complete. Stokes is currently completing work on the pet resort’s entry way.

The response so far? “Everyone loves it!” Stokes beams.

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