Artist Showcases ‘Blue Dog’ Series in New Orleans

The exhibit will feature nearly 200 works of art by George Rodrigue including pieces from his dog-related series.

Best known for his Blue Dog series, the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) will feature the work of Louisiana artist George Rodrigue from March 1 through June 8, 2008.

The exhibition will feature close to 200 works of art spanning 40 years including his Blue Dog paintings as well as other works of art that showcase Louisiana culture. The art is on loan from galleries and private collectors from across the country, including Rodrigue’s first Blue Dog painting “Watchdog.”

Rodrigue’s Blue Dog work first appeared in the 1980s, and spurred his rise in the art world.

“George Rodrigue is a Louisiana treasure and the museum is proud to showcase 40 years of his work,” said E. John Bullard, NOMA director. “From the Blue Dog and Louisiana landscapes to hurricanes and scenes of Cajun life, George Rodrigue’s art epitomizes Louisiana culture.”

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