Artist Reimagines Popular Shows With Drawings Of Cats

Cats make everything better, even our favorite TV shows and movies.

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If these were real shows, we'd totally watch them. Via KittyCassandra's Cat Paintings/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

Most have us have spent our summers binge watching Netflix programs or watching every episode of all our favorite shows that our DVRs so graciously recorded for us. And for those of us who did, we still can’t get enough.

Neither can Seattle, Washington-based artist Cassie Murphy. Murphy’s art is full of another thing we love: cats. She combined our love of those four-legged felines with our love of television and created renderings that we have to have on our walls, like, right now.

Check ‘em out.

1. Mangier Things


Because sometimes nothing is stranger than a cat.

2. Jessicat Jones


Because cats are also superheroes.

3. Mad Max: Furry Road


Who hasn’t thought their cat was a little mad from time to time?

4. The Last Cat On Earth

If there were only one cat left on Earth, he might be treated like royalty (even more than he already is).

5. Paw’d City

The lives of two cats living in New York – the antics they must get into!

6. Game Of Sits

Oh, think of all the places cats can sit! The possibilities are endless.

7. Orange Is The New Cat

You never know what will happen when cats go to jail.

8. Purrs And Recreation

Kitties are experts at recreation.

9. Orphan Cat

“Wait. That cat looks just like me!”

What show would you want represented by cats?

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