Artist Draws Fantastically Creative Scenes For His Bull Terrier

Rafael Mantesso's Instagram feed might be the world's best use of a black marker.

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Please don't tell Jimmy that he can't read. Via Rafael Mantesso/Instagram

Power pop legends The dB’s once wrote a classic song called “Amplifier,” about a guy whose girlfriend broke up with him and took everything he owned — his car, his bike, his checks, the soda in the fridge — and left him with nothing but his amplifier. The song doesn’t end well. But when Rafael Mantesso’s wife went that route, leaving him and taking everything, including the furniture, the Brazilian artist grabbed his Bull Terrier and his camera and went to work.

Mantesso drew on the walls of that empty apartment to design fantastic landscapes, costumes and situations for Jimmy Choo, the dog, according to his website, Jimmy the Bull. He showcases his artwork on one of the most beautiful and creative Instagram feeds out there and has since designed (and Jimmy has starred in) a series of illustrations for Jimmy Choo, the brand. A book of some of his favorite photographs is due out in September.

Until then, here are a few pics to tide you over.

If it were possible to L more than O, this dog could do it.

A photo posted by @rafaelmantesso on

Do you even lift, bro?

A photo posted by @rafaelmantesso on

Dream big, fellas.

photo by my friend @anaslika

A photo posted by @rafaelmantesso on

Sorry, Snoopy. No vacancy.

A photo posted by @rafaelmantesso on

OK, Jimmy, let’s see your tongue.

teste de maquiagem . makeup test

A photo posted by @rafaelmantesso on

Punk’s not dead.

A photo posted by @rafaelmantesso on

Jimmy definitely has more game than the Tramp.

A photo posted by @rafaelmantesso on

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