Artist Makes Her Adorable Cat More Adorable By Drawing Her In The Style Of Disney, Tim Burton And More

An artist named Miyuli turned a drawing of her cat into a stellar cartoon meme.

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The many cartoon faces of one adorable kitty. Via Miyuli/Facebook

Most pet owners are lovingly obsessed with their pets. It’s just a thing that comes with the territory of caring for a creature outside of your own species. We take 1 million photos of them, dress them up and often talk to them as if they’re people.

One cat owner has taken this obsession to the next level in a very artistic way. Julia K., who also goes by Miyuli, used her incredible drawing skills to turn her cat into several cartoon versions, each one done in a famous illustration style.

Style meme with my cat!

Posted by Miyuli on Sunday, January 18, 2015

Miyuli posted the end result to Facebook, and it’s total pop-culture perfection. She incorporates Disney, Tim Burton, “Adventure Time,” Dr. Seuss and many others.

This is the real-life version of her precious kitty, who remains nameless.

Yawning kitty ♥

A photo posted by Miyuli (@miyu_mon) on

Quite a likeness, don’t you think?

While this is obviously the cutest cat art Miyuli has created to date, the Germany-based animation student also as an incredible collection of other sketches you should check out. Your mind will be BLOWN.

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