Articles on Ponds

Ponds are a soothing addition to any yard. Read up on how to set a pond up, how to keep the water in pritine condition, choosing pond fish and plants, maintaining your pond and more.


DIY Pond Filter
The end of summer is a great time of year to make a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) pond filter.

Goldfish and Koi Mass
Some rules of thumb for measuring koi and goldfish weight.

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Enter the “Koi Varieties” contest at and win!

Attention Pond Loving Photogs! Enter the Ponds USA & Water Gardens 2014 Photo Contest
Take photos of your pond’s flora and fauna or just your beautiful pond as a whole, and your photo might be included in the 2015 issue!

Invasive Control Methods
Learn methods used to eliminate or control invasive aquatic species, including their pros and cons.

U.S. Native Pond Plants For Your Backyard Pond
Plan a green pond for summer that has a reduced impact on the environment and your wallet – plus, learn about native pond plants that you can add to your pond.

Unique Pond Fish For Your Backyard Pond
Try some unique pond fish, instead of koi and goldfish.

Buying Koi Fish
Information on buying koi fish.

How to Clean Clogged Pond Sump Pumps and Filter Screens
There are ways to decrease the amount of maintenance sump pumps and filter screens need.

Lymphocystis Disease in Your Pond Fish
Lymphocystis disease is not an attractive condition in pond fish, but it’s also not fatal.