Are You Ready For A Ferret Show?

Use this checklist when you prepare for a ferret show.

When traveling to a ferret show, you need to pack for both yourself and your ferret. Here’s a checklist to help ensure that you have everything available to help your ferret compete.

1) Paperwork (original veterinary certificates of vaccination and/or testing, registration or other paperwork required by the show)

2) Travel cage outfitted with bedding, food, water, a litter box and toys

3) A judging carrier (contact show personnel to find out the size required)

4) Grooming supplies (brush, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, ear cleaner, cotton swabs, nail trimmers, styptic powder)

5) Leash and harness

6) Litter scooper

7) Trash bags

8) Treats

9) Extra: food, water, litter, bedding,

10) Parvocide solution (a strong disinfectant)

11) Paper towels

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