Are You Equipped?

Grooming is an easier task when you have the proper tools. Check this list for the items you'll need.

All Cats
1. A rubber mat to prevent slipping on the table or sink.

2. Nail trimmers designed specifically for cats.

3. Cotton balls.

4. Gauze pads or a toothbrush to brush the teeth.

5. Toothpaste designed for cats.

6. Cat-safe ear cleansing solution.

7. Cotton swabs.

8. Styptic powder.

Longhaired Cats
1. A pin brush to get through their dense coat.

2. A detangling spray or cornstarch to loosen mats.

3. A soft bristle brush to finish.

Shorthaired Cats
1. A slicker brush with thin wire bristles or a soft bristle brush for short, dense hair.

2. A rubber currycomb to lift out dead hair while massaging the skin.

3. A grooming glove with rubber nubs for cats that hate to be brushed.

4. A fine-toothed flea comb to gather up fleas and eggs.

5. A chamois cloth to give a nice sheen to the coat.

1. A baby brush to get them used to brushing.

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