Are You and Your Dog Ready?

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Create an evacuation plan to protect your dog.

After Hurricane Katrina, Gary Karcher and his three dogs sought refuge from rising flood waters on the second floor of his New Orleans home. Rescue workers had offered him a boat ride to safety, but only without his dogs, Rottweiler Himie and Dachsunds Precious and Pudgy. He refused to go.

But after a week, Karcher, who is diabetic, ran out of insulin. So when the flood waters subsided, the slight man with graying hair left all the food and drinking water he could find for his dogs before leaving to seek medical attention.
But just before walking out the door, he scribbled a note and placed it in a water-tight container around Himie’s neck.
“It’s like leaving your kids,” the note said. “If you find them, please let me know.”

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