Are You a Shih Tzu Person?

Is the Shih Tzu dog breed for you?

Shih Tzu PuppyYou are probably a Shih Tzu person if you want a thoroughly charming, highly attractive breed to join you in the daily hubbub of modern family life. But if you are not prepared to devote considerable time and attention to coat care, then you will certainly have to think again.

If your own personality attracts people of a friendly disposition, you are sure to love a Shih Tzu, for his affectionate character makes him an ideal companion. You may have decided that you would like a beautiful dog to take into the show ring and, if so, the Shih Tzu, with his elegant coat, will fit the bill perfectly.

The children in your life will find that a Shih Tzu will usually enjoy their company, but you must always bear in mind that children must be taught to respect dogs. The Shih Tzu loves affection and can be very tolerant, but if you have a child with tiny fingers that are likely to pull at the long, luxuriant coat, causing pain, you must put your parental skills to good use to teach absolute gentleness and care. Even a tolerant Shih Tzu can be expected to stand only so much. No dogs patience should ever be tested to the limits.

A Shih Tzu person is likely to have a slightly independent streak in his own nature, so it will come as no surprise that the Shih Tzu has one, too. Combine that with the breeds intelligence, and the Shih Tzu is happy to work on his own initiative. As an owner, you will find this fascinating to observe, for a Shih Tzu will often figure things out in his head, planning his strategy for the next move. Unlike many easily bored dogs that constantly need to be given things to do, a Shih Tzu makes his own amusement.

You will not have to take your Shih Tzu for a marathon walk each day, for this is a small breed. It is an active one, though, and is happy to have a good walk when the opportunity is given. Of course, if your home has no suitable yard in which to exercise freely, a couple of daily walks will be necessary.

It should go without saying that the Shih Tzu  must live in the home with you; this is not an outdoor dog. He can be perfectly content with just one person, to whom he will undoubtedly bestow affection, provided this is reciprocated with kindness. Equally, if you have a fairly active household, your Shih Tzu will probably be happy to join in with most things. However, you must allow your Shih Tzu to decide how much he wants to be involved. If he prefers to be left out of whatever activity is going on, that should be his prerogative. Yes, the author is advocating allowing your Shih Tzu to make decisions. Most breeds of dog are incapable of making decisions, but the Shih Tzu is brilliant and perceptivelikely able to run a small country.

Alert in every way, the Shih Tzu notices what is happening around him and will certainly pick up on sounds. However, this is not a particularly noisy breed, so you should not expect to encounter trouble with neighbors complaining about a barky dog.

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