Are You a Poodle Person?

Find out if the Poodle dog breed is for you?

Poodle PuppyPoodle people are as distinctive a breed as the Poodle himself! Many a Poodle person grew up with Poodles, with Poodles being a part of the family life for generations. Other people are drawn to the Poodle because of his glamour and drama! Poodles are born entertainers, whether they are jumping through hoops, whirling around the show ring or just grinning pompon to pompon.

So, before you enter into the elite fraternity of Poodlephiles, you must give some thought to the personality and characteristics of this breed to determine if the Poodle is really the dog for you. This is not a pet for the laid-back owner who will not give the dog the training, the attention and the grooming that he deserves. This is a dog for the individual who is looking for an active, intelligent dog, a pet that will become a devoted companion and a true part of the family. He will want to be with you at all times and he will want to please you. Unlike dogs that can happily go their own way, the Poodle wants your attention! He is a bright dog that wants to please his owner. He is easy to train, will make an excellent watchdog and will be extremely loyal to the family.

You should answer the following questions before purchasing a Poodle:

1. Do you have the time to give to a dog? He will need care, companionship, training and grooming. throughout his entire lifetime.

2. Do you have a fenced yard for your Poodle? He must have a secure area in which to run and exercise.

3. Have you owned a dog previously and did that dog live a long and happy life with your family?

4. Are you prepared to have a dog in your house that may weigh up to 75 pounds or weigh as little as 5 pounds? Each size has special needs.

5. Do you have time to groom your dog? In order to have a Poodle that looks like a Poodle, and because of the heavy coat, he will need at least a weekly grooming to avoid mats. If you are unable to clip and trim the Poodle yourself, will you have the time and money for a professional groomer?

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