Are You a Pomeranian Person?

Pomeranians are happy dogs with big personalities.

Pomeranian puppiesStately home or castle owner, apartment dweller, country bumpkin or city slicker, if you love happy little dogs with big personalities, you may well be just the person who would be a good Pomeranian owner. The author and her husband, truly quintessential Pom people, have owned Poms for over 40 years. We never tire of the breeds antics and cannot envision ourselves without a flock of Poms in the house. You just cannot become bored if theres a Pom in the house.

Because the Pomeranian is so small, you need not be a marathon runner to keep your dog fit, as so much exercise can be done in and around the home with very little effort on your part. Nonetheless, a Pom will always enjoy walks outdoors to discover new smells and to stimulate his super-active brain. This is where your sensible ownership comes into play. Always remember that your Pom is very tiny, so accidents can happen if you are not alert to the many dangers of the big wide world. Many Pom owners like to carry their bundles of canine fun around in special carriers. This is a great idea provided that you, as a careful owner, do not allow your Pom to jump out unexpectedly.

Poms are adaptable little fellows, but they do require certain accommodations. They will happily live in any environment, but they don’t fare very well in hot climates. Air conditioning is an essential if you live in a hot, humid environment. Another requirement is a fenced yard. Be sure the fence is Pom-proof. A 4-lb adult can slip through a chain-link fence with little effort; a puppy can walk through it! When in the yard, never tie your Pom out on a stake. He will have laryngitis before you bring him in, and your neighbors will soon become most un-neighborly. Be considerate and don’t contribute to noise pollution.

Believe it or not, there are a couple of drawbacks to owning a Pomeranian. The author, after 40 years with the breed, can only come up with two. The first is that the Pom can be a noisy little guy. Poms are talkative folk; they have many ideas of their own and a keen desire to share their opinions. When you have a dozen or so of these in the house, as the author and her husband do, it can be rather annoying. Do not praise your Pom for barking; rather, correct him instantly. Once he quiets down, give him a toy or a treat (to occupy his mouth and brain).

The second drawback has to do with the Houdini element. As a member of the spitz family, the Pom is a professional escape artist and will not think twice about leaving the confines of your yard. This is an on-lead breeddont even think about taking his leash off. Pom owners can’t even spell free run!

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