Are You a Maltese Person?

Is the Maltese dog breed right for you?

Maltese PuppiesAs a Maltese person, you will probably be as sweet-natured as your dog, and you will need a good brain to keep up with his intelligence! Your Maltese will adore affection, so you will be able to bestow on him as much as your generous heart will allow. If you are full of fun yourself, you will have a lot in common with your Maltese, who, with his impish nature, is a vigorous little companion with a great sense of humor. He is a dog that has that certain something about him and often wears a rather self-satisfied expression, which you will find difficult to resist.

Your Maltese will be happy to join you for a daily walk, but if you plan to take your dog out for walks in dirty wet weather, you must be prepared to spend a long time grooming your dog upon your return home. Likely your Maltese won’t enjoy a walk in the rain as much as he’ll enjoy a walk in nice weather. Your Maltese will also be happy if you are willing to play games with him around the house or in the yard. Even toy breeds need exercise and plenty of things to stimulate their active brains.

You and your Maltese will develop a close rapport and you’ll find that your angelic white pal is most affectionate with you. He is a very discriminating character and does not offer his licks and kisses to just anyone! If you have a lot of casual callers to your house, you should not expect your dog to show the same affection toward them. Because he is an individualist, the Maltese does not always take readily to strangers, so you will have to understand this and accept his likes and dislikes.

If you are a clean person who likes to look well-put-together and who keeps a clean, tidy home, then you will appreciate the cleanliness of the Maltese, which is a fastidious little breed. This is just as well, as he wears a white coat! Of course, if you enjoy hairdressing, the Maltese is certainly the breed for you, for you can spend endless hours bathing, blow drying and grooming. You and your Maltese will be able to enjoy each others company during grooming sessions. This will be a time for heart-to-heart discussions, and you can be sure he won’t give away your secrets! You should have gathered from what we’ve discussed thus far that your Maltese will most certainly expect you to keep him inside your home, and not in a kennel situation!

The children in your life will love a Maltese, and he will very probably love them too, but they must be taught to treat him with respect. He is a tiny dog and could easily be hurt by fingers that tug too firmly on his coat. Some children are more boisterous than others, so keep your dogs well-being in mind when your childrens friends (or friends children) drop by.

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