Are you a Chihuahua person?

Find out if this curious breed is for you.

ChihuahuaYou don’t have to have big ears, and you can weigh more than just a few pounds, but you will need to be quick and alert to keep up with your Chihuahua! You have chosen a pint-sized pet with an attitude that is bigger than life, and if you are not already an extrovert, you will find that your personality cannot help but grow with his.

You have chosen the smallest breed in the world, so if you want to tuck him into your pocket or carry him around in a tote bag, that’s fine by him. However, you must remember that he is an active little creature, so don’t let him leap out of your pocket onto the floor. He may think he’s capable, but the floors a long way down for someone so tiny.

You will find his diminutive size enormously convenient. If you travel around a lot, you can always fit him easily into a pet carrier. He is a great travel companion! He is tremendously loyal and always will want to be close to his owner, so you’d better accept that from the start. Your life won’t be your own anymore, and there will be little privacy!

If you are going to be a really good Chihuahua owner, you will have to accept your dogs curiosity and his mischief. You will be expected to laugh with him in his games, and if he decides to tear a household bill to shreds, so much the better!

You might be the sort who enjoys taking your dog for walks, but of course you will have to take care where you go, especially if there are sight-hounds around that might spot him from a distance and mistake him for a hare. Because he is so active, you will easily be able to exercise him in your own backyard, just as long as you keep him company and join in some of his games. He will love you enormously and will expect you to love him just as much in return.

Even if you live in an apartment, you are sure to find some space in there for your Chihuahua. In this case, you will obviously have to take him outdoors for additional exercise, and its always safest to keep him on his lead when outside. Because Chihuahuas can rapidly lose body heat, if you live in a cold climate you will enjoy selecting several warm, attractive sweaters for your dog. Indeed, why not create his own miniature wardrobe?

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