Are You a Beagle Person?

Is the Beagle Breed for you?

If you are prepared for your Beagle to look upon you as a human pack member, then you will get along well with each other. If you have a similarly happy, easygoing approach to life, so much the better, for this is a pawn-sized dog with a king-sized zest for life, and he will enjoy your company.

Provided that you have raised your children sensibly, and have taught them to respect animals, your kids will probably be Beagle people too. You will have great fun watching the social interaction between your human family and your canine friend.

You can forget any designs you may have about being a top hair-stylist, for you will not be able to practice on your Beagle, but you will enjoy the necessary short grooming sessions. If you plan to keep your home neat, tidy and clean, you will either need sufficient funds to employ a good cleaning lady, or else you will enjoy using the vacuum, because your Beagle will shed. This is not excessive in comparison with some of the long-coated breeds, and you’ll be relieved to know that you will have to do a little less in the way of household chores in the winter months because that is when the coat tends to thicken and shed less. Your expertise with a mop might just come in handy too, for although most Beagles like to be clean, house-training can sometimes be a bit more of a challenge than with other breeds, though not always. If you are unlucky, you may still be mopping up when your Beagle celebrates his first birthday!

You will also enjoy bathing your Beagle from time to time, especially on those occasions when he has rolled in something particularly delightful (to your Beagle, that is; nasty to you!). But that’s the fun of owning a Beagle. You’ll love it!

Now if you rather fancy being a top-rate dog trainer, again you may just have chosen the wrong breed for Beagles are by no means the easiest dogs to train. But so what if you feel a bit of a fool when attending obedience classes? Some people can certainly manage to train their hounds very successfully, and you might just be one of those people. (Note, the author said might.)

A good Beagle owner is a patient one, especially when training the command Quiet. Have you ever heard a pack of Beagles on the chase, barking and baying and howling? Quite simply, Beagles have been bred to bark when excited. Since you’re not offering your Beagle the excitement of a fox chase, your Beagle will bark when a stranger visits your home, when he hears a strange noise, when two leaves fall from the trees instead of one, and so forth. How much patience you need will depend largely on how ready your Beagle is to listen to your commands, how many visitors you have to your house, how noisy and windy your neighborhood is.

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