Are These Dogs Or Food? We Don’t Even Know Anymore

Pets? Snacks? One visual comparison between bagels and puppies has everyone questioning everything, everywhere.

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Once you see the resemblance, you can't unsee it: puppies and bagels. Via Karen Zack/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

Curled-up puppies look so cute sometimes… and so doughy and savory and — wait, what’s happening?

The close similarity between bagels and puppies came to our attention by way of Karen Zack on Twitter. Her March 8 tweet compiled pictures of puppies curled-up for naps alongside yummy bagels, and the Internet is waking up to the eery, adorable parallels between the two.

The 5,400 retweets the post got might not even account for the number of people who saw her picture via Food and Wine magazine, New York Daily News or other outlets that featured her photo. She really landed on something none of us knew we had to freak out about.

To make matters more difficult, she found a cuddly comparison between fried chicken and Labradoodles, too.

Now we’re questioning everything.

We were a little worried about our impulse control around puppies anyway. With their dangerous resemblance to food, they’re becoming a real trigger for us.

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