Are Female Cats More Affectionate Than Males?

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, discusses ensuring love from all cats.

Q: I have heard that female cats are more affectionate that male cats. Is this true?

A: That is interesting because some people think males are more affectionate. I have always had male and female kitties in my household and have found them to be equally warm-hearted. I also believe that if you give any cat a lot of love he or she will return it in their way. This is particularly true of kittens. If you handle them often and play with them as much as possible, they will most likely grow up to be affectionate adults.

Several years ago I rescued two 7-week-old male kittens from a construction site. I named them Roscoe and Bandit and must admit I spoil them daily. They have grown up to be sweet, loving adults and committed lap cats. In fact they both like to sit on my lap at the same time and at 14 pounds each, you can imagine there is not a lot of lap left. They also like to sleep intertwined with each other and its obvious how much they love each other and me. Their feelings are certainly returned.

Adoption is important for so many kitties in shelters waiting for good homes. Adopt two if you can. Someone told me recently that she wanted to adopt only one cat because she was afraid if she adopted two they would only be with each other and not pay any attention to her. This has not been my experience and there are many benefits to caring for two. They can play together and you can enjoy the daily floor show. They have each other when you are not home and best of all, you get double love and affection.

Finally older cats who are adopted can be very friendly and affectionate and I believe this is out of gratitude. Whether male, female, young or old, cats give back what they receive and much more. As always I welcome your stories and comments.

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