Aquatop Digital Heater review

Well made and sturdy digital aquarium heater.

The new digital heater from Aquatop Aquatic Supplies includes a number of features and benefits. It is an excellent aquarium heater.

Aquatop heater

The Claims
Aquatop claims that the heater is easy to use and will maintain the aquarium temperature accurately.

The Test
I tested a 300-watt Aquatop Digital Heater on a 50-gallon planted tank. Over a few weeks, I raised the water temperature by 2 degrees every other day and then lowered it 2 degrees, going from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and back down.

The heater performed perfectly. I confirmed each adjustment with two thermometers in the tank. The display on the heater clearly shows the set temperature and the actual temperature. It is easy to turn the heater on and off, and to make temperature adjustments. The heater itself is well-made, with suction cups for mounting it to the glass. I especially like that it has an integrated temperature probe that is mounted 6 inches or so from the heater, which I think is more accurate than relying on having the sensor within the heater itself.

The Aquatop Aquatic Supplies Digital Heater is an excellent piece of equipment, and I encourage hobbyists to use it. It is easy to use, accurate to within 1 degree, well-made and sturdy.

Aquatop Aquatic Supplies
Digital Heater


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