Aquatop CF-500UV Canister Filter with UV review

Mechanical, biological and chemical filtration in one unit.

The CF-500UV Canister Filter from Aquatop Aquatic Supplies provides all the filtration (mechanical, biological and chemical) that an aquarium needs in a simple and easy-to-use package.

Aquatop CF-500UV

The Claims
Aquatop claims that the CF-500UV Canister Filter filters 525 gallons per hour and that it can be used for aquariums ranging from 70 to 100 gallons.

The Test
I tested the CF-500UV on a 300-gallon planted tank that hadn’t really been cleaned in a while. It had a great deal of mulm on the substrate, and in the sump, and the filter bags on the return were also dirty. The fish were two schools of adult rainbowfish and a lot of large catfish. I did a 25-percent water change, stirring up the gravel and making a real mess in the tank. I then put two Aquatop CF-500UV filters on the tank, and I ran overflow from the tank to the filter bags in the sump.
The Results
After five or six hours, I cleaned the bags in the return, as they were clogged with debris. I also cleaned both of the CF-500UVs, which had trapped a tremendous amount of material. Over the course of the next day, I cleaned the filters twice, and by the morning of the next day, the tank was crystal clear. I left both of the CF-500UVs on the tank, along with the two filter bags, and those have kept the tank crystal clear and clean for six weeks. I also cleaned the filters and bags once a week or so.

The Aquatop CF-500UV Canister Filter is easy to assemble, use and clean. The in and out hoses can be shut off and removed with no water spilled. There are four filter trays, one with a coarse filter material and three with standard material; in addition, there is a bag of filter media. There is plenty of space in the trays to add any other type of chemical filtration medium desired. The 9-watt UV that is built into the filter can be turned off if it is not wanted.

There is no on-off switch on the filter itself. I had a problem getting it primed until I realized that the hoses to and from the tank need to be as straight as possible, so keep this in mind. The Aquatop CF-500UV Canister Filter is an excellent piece of aquarium equipment. It is easy to use and clean, and it does a terrific job of providing all three types of filtration. It is compact and can fit into a cabinet or below an aquarium stand. The hoses are long enough to give great flexibility in the placement of the filter. I recommend the Aquatop CF-500UV Canister Filter for use; the line has other sizes of filters for different tank sizes.

Aquatop Aquatic Supplies
CF-500UV Canister Filter with UV


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