AquaticLife Submersible Pumps review

AquaticLife pumps have three new features: suction cup feet, a shielded intake, and no conversion or elbow fittings required.

AquaticLife has a new line of submersible utility pumps with flow rates ranging from 423 to 976 gallons per hour (gph).


aquatic life pump
The Claims
AquaticLife claims that its new pumps are designed for use in a sump and that the intake, power cord placement and output pipe make it easier to use in that application.

The Tests
I tested two of the new AquaticLife pumps in two applications, with 976 gph at zero head and 710 gph at 6 feet of head (meaning that the pump has the capacity to pump the water 6 feet up). I used one pump to replace one of two return pumps in a 125-gallon sump on a 300-gallon freshwater planted tank and the other on the waterfall of my indoor pond. Because it was difficult to measure flow rate in either application, I carefully observed both uses before and after switching to the AquaticLife pumps.

The Results
The AquaticLife pumps that I tested use 88 watts of electricity. On the sump of my 300-gallon tank, the AquaticLife pump replaced a 1/8-horsepower pump, which used 93 watts. The flow rate back to the 300-gallon tank was significantly better with the AquaticLife pump. The AquaticLife pump made no noise at all, and flow rate was somewhat greater than the pump I replaced. On the indoor pond waterfall, I replaced a pump rated at 1/6 horsepower, which used 124 watts. It was easy to tell that the AquaticLife pumped more than the larger pump it replaced. With the new AquaticLife pump, there was return flow at the highest point. In addition to using less electricity for the same or more flow rate, the AquaticLife pumps have three new features: suction cup feet to anchor the pump, a shielded intake to run smoothly at low water levels, and no conversion or elbow fittings are required.

With these pumps, I was able to reduce electricity consumption while maintaining the same or a little more flow rate. I recommend these pumps for use where good flow rate is required at up to a 9-foot head.

Submersible Pumps


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