Aquatic Life, LLC Internal Mini Protein Skimmer 115 Review

Aquatic Life, LLC Internal Mini Protein Skimmer 115 is a skimmer for nano aquariums.

The AquaticLife Mini Protein Skimmer is a well-designed example of a successful downsizing from a large piece of equipment to one that will work on small aquariums. AquaticLife has taken all of the features that make large protein skimmers a requirement for removing organics in large marine aquariums and incorporated them into a small dynamo of a skimmer, which works for the nano aquariums that are so popular now for marine setups.

Aquatic Life Skimmer

The Claims
AquaticLife claims that their Internal Mini Protein Skimmer will effectively remove organics from marine aquariums up to 30 gallons, and that it will do so quietly and without taking up much aquarium space.

The Tests
I tested the AquaticLife Mini Skimmer on a 29-gallon aquarium that had my seasoned veteran group of aquarium-raised common clownfish, gobies and an orchid dottyback that have been the test subjects in a number of reviews I have done for this column. The AquaticLife Skimmer was the only form of filtration on this aquarium, along with some live rock.

The Results
The AquaticLife Internal Mini Protein Skimmer did an excellent job removing organics from the water. The aquarium did well, and the saltwater fish always thrived, even though the AquaticLife Skimmer was the only form of filtration (in addition to live rock for biological filtration). It did an efficient job of removing organics, and the skimmate cup had to be emptied on a regular basis. Here’s what I particularly liked about the AquaticLife Skimmer:

  • The footprint of the skimmer in an aquarium is only 3-by-3 inches (and it is only 10 inches tall), so it easily fits into any small aquarium.
  • Setting up the skimmer up was quick and easy, and the waterflow knob allowed for easy adjustment of the bubble stream.
  • The water-air mix is efficient, and it produced many fine bubbles.
  • The clear collection cup makes it easy to see the skimmate level, which indicates a need to empty and clean the cup.

The AquaticLife Internal Mini Protein Skimmer is a terrific piece of equipment. It was designed, engineered and manufactured well to bring the technology of protein skimming down to the small aquarium range. Although I did not run it on a very small nano aquarium, I did install it on a 12-gallon nano aquarium that was set up as a freshwater planted aquarium just to see how well it fit into a smaller aquarium — it did fit the smaller aquarium well and was unobtrusive. My experiences with the AquaticLife Internal Mini Protein Skimmer 115 were excellent, and I strongly recommend it for small marine aquariums.

AquaticLife, LLC
Internal Mini Protein Skimmer 115


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