Aquatic Life Intros RO Buddie Aquarium Reverse Osmosis System

RO system available in 50g per day and 100g per day models.

Aquatic Life has introduced a three stage reverse osmosis water purification system that features the carbon and sediment cartridges encased in plastic housings that are part of the filter. This enables easier removal, disposal and installation of the cartridges, the company said. The RO Buddie is available in two models, one which outputs 50 gallons of RO water per day and one that can output 100 gallons per day.

The system is a small unit that can be placed under cabinets or other small and limited spaces, the company said, and features quick connections for easier maintenance and cartridges that are located on the front of the unit.

It ships with mounting brackets, cartridges, a faucet adapter membrane, and membrane wrench. For more information, visit the Aquatic Life website.

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